The main thing you have to consider when planning a big or small renovation is the selection of a reliable team to execute the task. For this you should address a company that employs experienced professionals with extensive practice in the field, capable of accomplishing complex tasks, cope with delicate situations and take full responsibility for the project.

The beauty of the natural stone and quartz countertops makes them the center of attention; these installations can change the look of the whole space. This means that the team manufacturing, cutting and installing them has to do their work impeccably. We at Granite Empire can help you better understand the entire renovation process and learn more about the materials and their specifics. Feel free to contact us and ask your questions if you don’t find an answer in the FAQ below.


How to maintain quartz countertops?

Quartz is one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops due to its durability, rich color pattern, and minimal effort required for maintenance. All you have to do to keep it looking good for a long time after installation is basic cleaning. Always wipe it down after you’ve finished your kitchen activities. However, please note that not all the cleaning products and methods are applicable to a quartz countertop.

We recommend using a soft sponge or cloth and a mild soap solution to clean your quartz countertop every day. Be careful to avoid harsh scrubbers and other products or materials that can scratch or damage the sealed countertop surface in any way. The fingertips or light dust should also be removed with a soft cloth only.

How should I clean a granite countertop?

The most crucial detail of a granite countertop maintenance process is avoiding strong chemicals usage. We suggest cleaning the surface with mild cleaners like dish soap dissolved in warm water and a soft cloth or sponge in order not to scratch the polished surface, leaving the natural beauty of the stone undamaged. A soft cloth is also enough to wipe down dust and fingertips once a day.

You’ll get detailed cleaning instructions from our specialists after the installation with regard to your specific granite slab. They will be based on your stone specifics, as well as on the average daily functional load of your countertop. Feel free to contact us in case you have doubts on the cleaning and maintenance of your stone countertops. We will be glad to provide you with professional advice.

Is there any risk that my granite kitchen countertop could chip off?

Granite is a very durable material, used in monumental buildings that stand for centuries. You can be sure your granite installation in kitchen or bathroom won’t chip as a result of daily usage. A granite countertop can crack only upon impact with a heavy object, such as a hard hit of a hammer or an impact tool usage.

Anyway, in case a chip occurs, it can be easily fixed with epoxy mixture and granite dust. Don’t get rid of the chipped piece of your countertop even if it gets damaged. Our professionals will use it to fix everything. No one will ever notice that the countertop was ever chipped once the repair procedure is over.

We recommend you to avoid applying severe force to the countertops, and they will serve you for many years. When maintained properly, these will look as if they’ve just been installed.

Why should I choose countertops from granite?

Granite is an excellent material for countertops due to several convincing reasons.

Unlike many other materials, it has a unique natural rich beauty, taking your kitchen or bathroom to the next visual level. Granite products often are the center of everyone’s attention due to their breathtaking high-class appearance. Multiple natural shades of granite existing on the market will let you select the perfect one for your remodelling project, be that kitchen working surface, bathroom cabinets or even floors.

Being very hard and resistant to scratches, granite countertops will last for a very long time. However, it is not recommended to cut food on it because it will blunt the knife blades.

Granite is perfect to be used near a range or cooktop due to its high resistance to heat. You can put the hot pan on your granite countertop without being afraid to damage or weaken it. The same is valid for warm hair tools placed on the counter in the bathroom.

One more advantage of a granite countertop when properly sealed is its resistance to strains and zero liquids absorbing capacity. Our professionals will seal it correctly for you, thus making sure it will always look good.

What are the weaknesses of granite countertops?

Even though durable, delightful and suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms, granite countertops have some weaknesses. One of them is that granite is porous, and this can cause issues in case the installations are not sealed properly, or you don’t reseal them in time. 

If your granite countertop is weakly sealed or unsealed, it will absorb all sorts of liquids, including water, wine, fruit juice or oil. They will cause irremovable strains that spoil the look of the countertop. Granite pores can also quickly accumulate bacteria which is unacceptable indoors.

Of course, granite countertops can serve well for ten years without being sealed when treated carefully, but it is recommended to reseal them yearly. Otherwise, they may soon start to show signs of color change.  

A rarely occurring but still possible weakness of granite countertops is that they can crack or even chip when you drop a heavy object on a corner.

What is the process of quartz countertops manufacturing?

Some of the quartz countertops are still made of natural stone slabs, extracted from quarries, but more and more of them are manufactured from a new engineered material, that is much harder and requiring less maintenance efforts than the natural one. The process of artificial quartz creation represents mixing 95% of ground natural quartz and 5% polymer resins. As a result, engineers get a stone countertop of the next generation – looking like natural stone, being super hard and resistant to damage, and requiring just basing maintenance. This kind of material comes with an extensive color palette that will match any interior, for which reason homeowners often prefer quartz to marble or granite.

Are quartz countertops resistant to heat?

Quartz can usually withstand heat but beware not to expose it to too high a temperature (over 300°F). The resin, that is one of the components of engineered quartz, can’t withstand temperatures higher than 302°F (150 degrees Celsius) so it’s not recommended to put a hot pot or pan taken right from your stove or oven on the countertop. The resin will burn, resulting in permanent damage. That can be fixed only by changing the countertop, which is expensive. But don’t worry, it’s easy to avoid burning the quartz installation. You just have to use a hot pad or a metal trivet to put hot objects on it. This reduces the risk of burning your quartz countertop to zero.

Can my granite countertop be fixed if damaged?

Of course, it can be repaired within a short time. If your granite countertop has been chipped or cracked, please keep the chipped parts and call us right away. One of our experts will visit you and fix the damage, using a mixture of ground-up chips of granite and high-quality epoxy. The signs of the damage will be almost imperceptible that there once was a problem. 

Usually granite is very tough to be damaged. You have to severely hit it with a hammer or drop down a very heavy and hard object on it. Anyway, if anything happens, we’re here to fix everything asap.

Is it ok to cut food directly on my granite countertop?

Such a hard material as granite is strongly resistant to scratches and can endure even the sharpest knives. Hence yes, you can cut directly on the countertop without a cutting board. The weak side of this, however, is that this way your knives will get dull soon. Therefore, we don’t recommend you to do so on a regular basis. We’d suggest using a plastic or wooden cutting board. This would protect your knives and ease the cleaning process once you’re finished with cutting.

What is the difference between marble and granite countertops?

Both granite and marble are wonderful options for countertops. However, there are some differences between them that could help you make your choice. 

As for the appearance, granite shows grains of different colors and shades, all in one slab. Marble has a larger ‘pattern’ and consistent color with veins running through it. Think about the one that would suit your interior the most.

Both materials are heat resistant and endure hot pans and hair tools on them. Marble and granite are very durable but porous, so they can change their color, get stained with wine, juice, oil and acids, and accumulate bacteria if not sealed properly once in a year or two. Harder than marble, granite is more resistant to scratches and chips.

Granite requires a more moderate maintenance than marble. Marble needs more care, such as timely sealing, avoiding surface interaction with acids and immediate wiping up of spills. 

How should I take care of my marble countertops?

Even though marble is beautiful,durable and an excellent material for countertops, it requires special cleaning and maintenance. It has a low resistance to acids and is more susceptible to scratches, stains and cracks than granite. 

Use a big cutting board and/or plastic or silicone protective sheet when cooking on a marble countertop and wipe up any spills immediately. These measures are required to avoid interaction of acidic foods and liquids, e.g.citruses, wine, vinegar, tomatoes and other, with the countertop. We recommend using a trivet for hot pans and coasters for glasses and plates and cleaning the countertop immediately after each meal.

Clean the dust weekly with a soft microfiber cloth and use PH-neutral cleaners for natural stone countertops or mild dish soap when doing the wet cleaning. Never use abrasive cleaners or those based on acids. 

Even though our experts provide detailed maintenance instructions after the installation of a stone countertop, you can always contact us for further consultation. We will help you keep your marble countertops as beautiful and shiny as new.

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